Q1. Who can enter the competition?

The competition is open to current and former University of Southampton students and PhD students only at this time. For more information, see 'The rules'

Q2. How do I enter the competition?

You can use the submission form found here and in the 'Enter your idea' link in the left hand navigation. Remember to select what area of the competition you would like to enter, Idea, Application or Visualisation!

Q3. Do I have to create an application?

No, there are three categories in the competition - Idea, Application and Visualisation. You do not have to create a full app. You can use open data to inspire an idea or create visualisations from it also. There are prizes available for each category.

Q4. Do the judges have to actually use my app?

No. However, ideally your application could be live on the web or an App store before the close of the competition. However, a video showing a walkthough of the app in use is a good substitute. Make sure you describe what you are doing and how the app is working to give a full representation of the user experience for your app. Videos, or links to videos can be uploaded with the submission form.

Q4. What if I can't make a video?

Don't worry, we're not expecting a Kubrick masterwork. As long as the video shows how the app works and is viewable, that's all we need. If that's not possible tho, a Powerpoint (or similar) presentation will also work fine. Make sure you include pictures to demonstrate your points and include enough text so the workings of the app make sense to the judges! Presentations, can be uploaded with the submission form.