Existing apps

People have already been creating fantastic apps using open data available from the University. Some of our favourites are below.


Live bus stop data

This data is taken from the council website to create a bus stops and routes app. The live data is provided under the Open Government License by the Southampton City Council ROMANSE office.
Visit Live bus stop data site.


Amenity map

If you’re ever having a haircut emergency or have forgotten where’s the library, this searchable map is just what you need to find your way around University sites.
Visit Amenity map site.



Have you worried about miss the bus? Have you sent SMS to get the real time information about the bus? Now, use the Bus4soton, you can get live local schedule about all the buses of the Southampton area base on Google Map.
Visit Bus4soton site.


Public phonebook search

This phonebook data is taken periodically from the list of staff who have opted to appear in our public phone directory. Staff may update their information, and change their preference via the iSolutions Subscribe site.
Visit Public phonebook search site.

bus times

Display Screen Bus Stop

This version of the bus-stop data is suitable for a display screen, eg. in a foyer of a building.
Visit Display Screen Bus Stop site.

Embeddable bus-stop

Embeddable Bus-Stop Widget

You can embed any bus-stop into a webpage by using the embed code on the right hand side of any bus-stop page on our site
Visit Embeddable Bus-Stop Widget site.

embed map

Embeddable Map Widget

With this app, you can embed maps of the University campuses into conference, lecture pages or blogs. Use the embed code on the right hand side of any campus map page on this site
Visit Embeddable Map Widget site.

University building maps

Building Search Map

This app enables you to find buildings on the University campus, simply click on the list and details will appear on the map
Visit Building Search Map site.

Mobile bus stop finder

Mobile Bus Stop Finder

This app is designed for use on mobile phones. The app was created by the University of Southampton, but uses data from the local council for bus stop locations and Ordnance Survey for postcode locations
Visit Mobile Bus Stop Finder site.

For more apps visit Open Data Service.